Privacy Policy

By using Twitch Tools, you agree to the following Privacy Policy. This policy is in place to outline how your information is used. Because of the way our site is setup, the privacy policy may change at any time without notice since we do not have any way to directly contact you. At the bottom of the page we will list the date the policy was last modified.

Cookies and Local Storage

Cookies[1] are used to keep track of your session with the website. This allows us to show messages on the screen to indicate if an action was successful or not along with other actions. The cookies stored by us are generally removed in less than a day and do not contain any personal information.

Channel and Team Information

On our Channel and Team Information pages, all of the information comes directly from Twitch. If you no longer want this information to appear you should modify your information on Twitch. We are in accordance with Twitch and only store account information (name, status, game, etc) for less than a day. This information is cached by our server to reduce the amount of requests have to perform a day, but it will be deleted. For information that needs to be removed immeditialy that is cached on our servers, please contact us.

Stored Information

TwitchTools does store public personal information from the Twitch API. We do not knowingly collect information for users who are under the age of 13 years old. If we become aware of information belonging to users who are underage by the definitions of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, we will remove it from our site. You can report underage content by e-mailing us at any time.

Website Tracking

Our website implements tracking in a few different ways. The main tracking method is Google Analytics. Google Analytics allows us to see what pages a user visits and how long the user has been on various pages. This helps us know what pages are popular and could use some extra features. We also have request tracking. Every request made to our server is logged by the web server, which is a common practice. We log web requests to identify users that are abusing the website and to solve issues a user may be experiencing. The web log will log your IP Address[2], date and time you visited a page, the page you visited and your Useragent[3].

Contacting Us

When you contact us using our contact form, we will include your IP Address[2] and Useragent[3] in the message. This information is used to quickly resolve issues if you report a problem with our site. Knowing the type of web browser you use along with being able to see the pages you visited that contained the issue limits the amount of times we need to exchange messages and lets our programmers get to work.

Third Party Material

Our website loads some third party material such as advertisements and content from Twitch. Please read the privacy policy related to Google Adsense and Twitch to fully understand what information they may obtain from your requests.

The Privacy Policy was last modified on March 29, 2016.

[1] Cookies: A cookie is a key, value storage method that your web browser has. It allows sites to save information to your computer so the next time you visit a site it can remember who you were. Cookies are generally safe and nearly every website use them. [2] IP Address: An IP Address is a unique number assigned to every device. Public IP Addresses, which we are able to see, can be assigned to all devices in a house, or sometimes are shared across multiple houses and devices (such as using cell towers to access the internet). IP Addresses can be used to determine your approximite city where you live. [3] Useragent: The Useragent is a string that identifies the type of web browser and computer you have. Generally the information in a user agent will show the Operating System you have, such as Windows 7 64 bit and the web browser and version you are running such as Chrome 40.