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Accessing our Site

When you access our site, we have a few terms that you must follow. Unless you are actively trying to mess with the site, you will most likely be following this section of the terms and don't have to worry about.

  • Accessing our site through bots or automated methods that pull data from our API or pages is not permitted for use in third party software, sites, or services. Please use the Twitch API to get the data instead. We do allow search engines to parse our sites and use the data in the meta tags as long as they follow the "robots.txt" file.
  • Performing a large amount of requests to our site is prohibited or getting others to access pages or resources on our site with the intention to cause down time.
  • When accessing our site, we do gather information from your browser. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.
  • Sending requests to our site and servers without the intent on viewing the public website is not permitted. This includes having bots and scripts visiting the site. Search engines are not subject to this term but are required to follow the "robots.txt" file.

Site Usage and Harassment

Since our site can provide additional information about channels that may not be as easy to find on the official Twitch site, some users may end up using it for harassment towards some users. We will0 not allow harassment of any kind.

  • Only use our site for lawful purposes. Using our site for any illegal activity will be reported to the relevant legal authority.
  • Our site does not guarantee any of the information is correct or accurate. The data is provided as-is.
  • Twitch Tools is not responsible for how you use the information you get from our site. The user or visitor that requested the information is solely liable for how the information is used.

Copyright Property

All materials on this site including name, website design, images, scripts, and data is copyrighted to Twitch Tools. External resources such as videos, profile images, team images, video previews, emoticons and various content from Twitch is property of Twitch and the content owners. Reproducing and distributing this content is against copyright law and is prohibited.

Limited Liability

Our site is provided as is and you expressly understand and agree to that. TwitchTools is not responsible for any down time, issues, or loss due to our site or indirectly. Your use of our site are all at your own risk. The site and content is provided on an as is basis.

We cannot guarantee the following

  • Our site will meet all of your requirements at all times.
  • Our site will be error free and all errors will be resolved.
  • Our site will work uninterrupted.

The terms were last modified on March 29, 2016.