TwitchTools is a collection of tools, resources, and information about Twitch that you can use for all sorts of different tasks. You will be able to find new emoticons, find out what channels have the most followers, connect to Twitch Chat using an IRC client and more.

Upcoming Events

There are no events that we know about. If you are running an event in the future or know of any upcoming events that are will be broadcasted on Twitch, please contact us.

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Our emoticons pages provide all known emoticons and is updated frequently to show new emoticons that become available. Easily find the emoticons for the channels you want or look through all the available emoticons for ones you find interesting and may want to use in the future.

Channel Information

Do you want to know more about a channel? With our Channel Information tool, you can search through users and find interesting information such as how long have they been a Twitch member, if they are a partner, and more. We also provide follower stats to see how well a community is growing.

Team Information

Having good team spirit is important, including in e-sports. With our Team Information tool, you can view teams you haven’t heard of before, or find more information about the teams you follow. Our tools provides information such as when a team was created, what members belong to the team, and more.


Spreadsheets are fun, right? Our Followers page generates all sorts of spreadsheets about who is following your channel and when they started following. It also includes information about each follower, such as how many followers they have. You can also generate reports about all of the members that a specific user follows.